Friday, July 31, 2009

What Are You Wearing? Ehhhh

*breathes heavily into phone*

Dark green overalls, a yellow spike belt, blue tinsel nipples and I've taken off the green plastic sunglasses to see the screen.

Bjorn is wearing a white shirt and skintight underpants with blue tinsel around the legs.

James is wearing rubber gloves, fake tan and no leg hair.

It's what everyone's wearing these days. What's happening is that there's a party in a Manhattan penthouse (emm, third floor - does that count?), and you have to wear mad shit, or you'll be turned away by the non-existent bouncers. It's from 11pm tonight til 8am (erk) tomorrow. So it's a little bit like that other party that I wasn't at and know anything about that didn't happen in a warehouse in deepest industrial Brooklyn.

I bought new clothes, and was wearing them quite happily while of the opinion that they were sufficiently odd and interesting to mask the absence of a genuine personality beneath them. I'd been to a thrift shop and a Hispanic shoe shop where the staff (even the young ones) preferred Spanish to English. And then, on the subway, not three feet away from me, was me. Me.

He and I were both wearing deck shoes, rolled-up-twice-at-the-bottom slim dark blue jeans, a leather belt, a shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbow and not tucked in, and with a couple of buttons open. All my ingenuity and originality reduced to nothing in an instant. Fucker.

Luckily, I don't have to wear those clothes any more, because I've got my overalls. I will be warm.

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  1. hee hee! there better be photos, biiiitch.