Monday, June 8, 2009


Now, normally I'm not one for sitting on me arse at home - and especially not when I'm in a ginormous 8-million-person magical playground of excitement like I am now, but recently I've come around to seeing the merits or aforementioned arse-sitting. Iin Dublin, I tend to be on the look-out for obscure sources of jollity in the back pages of The Ticket. And I don't do that here either.

Why? Have I became a morbidly obese floral-print-mumu-wearing hick? Am I paying back for all those years of LSD abuse with severe paranoid schizophrenia and agoraphobia? Well, no.

It's just the Loftstel is the best place ever in the world ever ever ever i love it aaargh.

The people here have such exciting, interesting, creative, adventurous lives - and are so willing to share them - there's no need for me contribute anything to the gallons of hot, sticky fun being pumped all over my face at every waking moment. That image was a bit graphic, and not particularly pertinent. Ho hum.

To illustrate this point, a few examples: we went out to Santos Party House, which is part-owned by Andrew WK, to dub-and-something-else-I've-forgotten-night. My guidebook gives it an entire page because they think it's the deadliness. Then we went (at nigh-on 5am) to a kinda-famous kinda-obscure but mainly just brilliant pizza restaurant called Artichoke. Yesterday, I got brought to hip-hop dance class in the Broadway Dance Center. It's where people who perform on The Actual Real Broadway go to train. Today, I strolled in from my afternoon in Manhattan to find the big old amps in action; a sound card, an external mixer, a macbook (watevah), headphones and mad skills (-z?) were working together to create beautiful music (in both the literal and figurative senses). So I just watched, listened, asked noobish questions and a had a go.

The point is that all this great stuff happens, and I don't need to do anything bar show a bit of enthusiasm to have it happen to me. And it's great!


  1. That sounds, quite frankly, amazing. You may be smug, but we're all still jealous, so watevah!

    And 'mad skillz' always has a 'z' (when I spell it, anyways).

  2. I second everything Grace said.
    It's definitely skillZ. And also, I'm jealous.

    I can't wait to see pictures, there better be pictures!